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Google vs. your data

Hooray, EU data protection authorities confirm compliance of Google Cloud commitments for international data flows! exclaims Google.

But on the other hand, Google ordered to hand over foreign emails to FBI, unlike Microsoft.

With legal instabilities and conflicting signals like these, are you running your crap in a public cloud owned and operated by a US company?

You probably should, it’s still better infra than you could create yourself. But the legal nonframework around it – it is not helping at all.

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  1. Maik

    So which cloud is reasonably immune to FVEY?

    By which I mean not only “has a non-US address on its letterhead”, but also that it doesn’t have any subsidiaries that could be leveraged, and doesn’t host any of its physical infrastructure in data centers owned or operated by FVEY-affected companies. Oh, and maybe also hasn’t outsourced all of its systems management to Huawei.

  2. Martin Seeger

    I will continue to use Google for several purposes. Currently I am working on getting my backup on Google automated. In that case I take care of any encryption myself.

    But I am also thinking about moving my email away from it.

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