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TIL there is no Google Spaces any more

TIL Google shut down Spaces on April, 17th. That was 2017, though.

I just had a discussion about a bunch of people getting excited about “Chat”, Googles new upcoming Chat client based on Joyn. And we listed Talk, Hangouts, Allo and Duo, as well as Spaces and Wave as being interactive chat-like things that nobody uses.

Joyn is based on a standard from 2008, initiated by the late Nokia. It’s currently on it’s fifth major revision and has zero adoption, zero encryption and an intransparent cost – it’s implemented by each telco, with each telco providing it’s own implementation and gateways, and cost model, which may be charging only for the bytes, or like SMS for each message element. Also, each telcos message server intercepts all messages in the clear, by design.

Anyway, speaking about Spaces, I checked the site and learned that it was shut down on April, 17th. 2017. One year ago. Literally nobody noticed.

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  1. AndreasLobinger

    Just to mention this (and yes i might be biased for some reasons, e.g. i disagree on the ‘late Nokia’): The idea (long time ago) was to have a regulated (like SMS) service, i.e. everyone reachable by just phone number – regardless of phone-HW and phone-OS, current operator. The derivation that ‘everything’ will be unecrypted is far fetched, as nowadays operator and manufactures are quite sensitive for things like this. Some form of transport encryption is there anyway (phy-layer and higher) and todays networks look heavily like interconnected tunnel systems.
    What the standard doesn’t do is E2E encryption on user specific keying (i.e. nobody else can interfere, intercept) which has more to do with the legal environment i.e. ‘LI’, but there is reasonable doubt, that the OTT services will survive as communication service without providing some form of LI…

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