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A whisky tester in the mail

“Reality is a thing for people with a fear of unicorns.”

A good friend sent me a set of small testers with Whisky. A Laphroaig Cardeas 2016, Madeira Cask, a Starlight XXI Sierra Delta, and an Akashi.

The testers made it to me unharmed, wrapped like Sushi Rolls, but the caps unscrewed marginally through the transport vibration. Nothing much was lost, but I now know why the Whisky Calendar is sold with the caps in sealing wax.

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  1. kris kris

    The Laphroaig is remarkable and a bit unusual – more colored than the original thing, but quite oily. At first the nose that is not so smoky , and a stingy taste.

    A tiny drop of water unlocks the peat and removes the sting. It yields the peaty, sweet Laphroaig taste nicely complemented by the oak and the aroma from the madeira cask. Letting it get some air softens the assault from the oak and makes the marriage between the madeira and the Laphroaig much more harmonious. A long and complex aftertaste with different kinds of fruity impressions.

    • kris kris

      Oy, that’s a pretty cool location. Also, L&B, eh? I completely missed that one.

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