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Google Photos is really desperate

Google Photos offers you backup and sync, in which every crap shot you ever make is beamed into the cloud. Of course you don’t want this turned on. Me neither:

Initial Setup. Blue Slider turns grey when you turn this off.

Google Photos is worried when you are doing this, and asks you to reconsider:

Yes, seriously, I want this off.

It then is worried that you are not reconsidering:

Yes, thank you, I know. I am backing up those photos I want to share, search, enhance and organize across multiple devices manually. And certainly not all of them, thank you.

And then Photos is disappoint. Seriously.

It is also even more worried than the Play Store itself if it is not current. But it’s not kicking Play Store, it’s kicking me:

Yeah, so what?

This is the whiniest piece of software in a long time. Yes, this is one single flow in a reinstallation (I retriggered that by deleting all data from Photos in order to be able to document it).

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  1. Robin

    On things like reddit, you see many, many people saying “My phone died and I really need some photos off it. I wasn’t backing them up.”

    Perhaps they’re just trying to prevent some of those situations.

    (Personally, I have things auto-backing up to google photos for utility, and my own nextcloud for proper safekeeping.)

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