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Seven Versions of No Backup

When you configure a modern Android, it turns on Backup by Default.

Android 7 or 8, like their predecessors for some time now, offer you to make a backup. The config setup looks somewhat like above, and that’s seems to be quite good. It certainly looks like something you’d want.

Now, it’s 2018, and we all do have multple Android devices on the same account. So if you are using, say, a 5X, and it dies bootlooping, you’d might be tempted to revive an older device for a few days, until the replacement arrives.

Then this happens:

The backup of the most recently used device is being used. You can’t choose anything.

Android offers you to use the most recently used device. Which fuck no, I do not want to restore from. A list of devices is not shown, a choice is not given.

Which kind of makes the entire device backup concept even more useless than it already is.

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  1. Hirsch4u

    1. Die besseren OEMs bieten die gewünschte Liste (HTC).
    2. Wenn Du wusstest, dass du das G4 nur interimsmäßig nutzt, hättest Du auf dem Devise “Automatic Restore” disabled setzen sollen.
    Es ist also nicht Android, sondern der OEM. Auch wenn bei den meisten OEMs tatsächlich endemische Restores (HTC -> HTC) am zuverlässigsten funktionieren. (Also quasi wie bei Apple ;)

  2. Harald

    Actually, it offers backups of multiple devices, but you cannot restore from Android $N to Android $N-1 because Reasons

  3. AndreasLobinger

    Sic transit gloria mundi.

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