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BQ Aquaris X pro

Last weekend my Nexus 5X did the Boot Loop Thing (Article in German, refund only for US customers).

So I needed a new device, quickly. I am certainly not spending 1K Euro on hardware, so I was looking for a Nexus 5X priced device that does not suck.

Harald recommended I am looking at, a spanish company that makes 3D printers, and smartphones, and indeed the X pro delivers. 5X sized, the device can do dual-SIM or SIM+SD, has up to 128 GB memory (I got the 64 GB model), a decent camera and a close to stock Android with a bi-monthly update cycle. Android 7.1.1 with a late 2017 patchlevel in my code. Less than 300 EUR, performs as advertised.

Oh, and the selfie frontside flash is Men-in-Black level weird.

This is my full Kindle Library, a lot of downloaded music and a dozen pre-downloaded Netflix videos, and I am still about 50% memory available.
There is a 128 GB video, but in order to justify this, I would probably have to become an Instagram Girl.
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  1. I also ran into the bootloop on the Nexus 5 x. Sent in to LG, I got it back with a new mainboard within 5 workdays. I thought that was excellent service. That does not make the fact less sucky that so many people have problems with a google phone due to cheap parts that can’t take the heat.

  2. Or get a Xiaomi Mi A1 with Android One 8.0.0 and monthly patchlevel update with near-same-specs and guaranteed 24 months updates.

    I’m using this device since 3 weeks and am quite satisfied. Cam could’ve been slightly better (seems to be more software related) and when using it in dual-sim-mode some are missing a feature from the Moto g5 for hard assigning company contacts to the company sim.

    All that for a good bang for the buck of 230€…

  3. I’ve been using OnePlus devices for the last few years, but they get prohibitively more expensive.

    Anything similar to a OnePlus 5 or 5T with either Oreo now or in the near future that you guys would consider?

  4. guido

    ZTE Axon 7 – same price, better display, processor twice as fast, excellent audio chip, official LineageOS available.

  5. Juergen

    Apparently there’s already a beta of Oreo available from BQ, too… Wish I had known that when my 5X died a few months ago… I went for the much more expensive HTC U11 (which however also is a nice phone)

  6. HD

    BQ is really nice. Back in 2015 they released the first Android One phone in Europe and provided updates for a bit more than 24 months.

    The X and the X Pro were already released about a year ago so I expect new devices coming soon, probably based on the Snapdragon 630/636/660 and/or 835/845 which are compliant with Project Treble. Another interesting device is the SD 630 based HTC U11 life running the Google/HTC take on Android One.

  7. Olli

    you plan a new career as instagram girl? Sounds promising…

  8. kris kris

    I have to up my eyebrow game a lot before I can do that with any chance of success, I have been told.

  9. Toby

    I came to the exact same phone conclusion after the Nexus 5X. :) Rumors are that the next hardware revision will run AndroidOne, which will probably bring it even closer to being “Nexus”.

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