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Fertig gelesen: The Zombie Survival Guide

Max Brooks, author of World War Z, delivers a straight on, zero tongue in cheek, nitty-gritty survival guide for the coming Zombie Apocalypse.

The book delivers exactly what is promised in the table of contents: The Solanum Virus and how it works and does not work, Weapons and Combat Techniques that work, defending your home, public spaces or other places, how to organise a breakout or run, useful equipment to have or to loot, and then fighting back and finally containing the outbreak. The book concludes with a list of documented outbreaks in the past, and their handling.

The book is written completely straight and is full of useful advice for fighting a Zombie Apocalypse or containing an outbreak, but also a useful source book for roleplaying and storytelling games.

The Zombie Survival Guide
Max Brooks
EUR 4.99 (Kindle)

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  1. kris kris

    See also which has Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadville, in which you have to rebuild civilisation after the Zombocalypse.

    The Bundle also contains Simple Plains, where you have to build planes, Train Simulator 2017, Plague Inc, and Cities: Skylines.

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