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The Great German Chocolate Cream Divide

To the left: What goes into Nudossi. To the right: What goes into “Other” Chocolate Creams.

There is a fundamental and very German schism that still divides re-unified Germany. All German children growing up eating chocolate cream on their German bread, the way children in Nederland are eating Hagelslag instead. But while children in the former West grew up on Nutella, the children in the East got Nudossi.

Turns out, they managed to overtake the West without catching up (“Überholen ohne Einzuholen”) – Nudossi contains about 3 times more Nuts, and way less Oil. Still, if you look at the amount of sugar, neither mixture is exactly healthy.

The friendly man in the image by the way is a tour guide at Vadossi, Dresden. That’s the company that is still making Nudossi the way they made it in the GDR. Well, actually, they have a bunch of very new machines now, but the mixture is still the same.

But Vadossi is making many more things, all of them chocolate products, plus of course Dresdener Stollen.

Vadossi has you covered, and they have an online shop.

Anyway, this friendly man will have to adjust his samples on the right hand side quite a bit, because Nutella stole the precious childhood memories of all these western children: they changed the formula (Article in German). More sugar, less cocoa, and the mixture is now much lighter brown.

Worried people on facebook are wondering what they are about to eat now.

Well, that’s easy:

Nudossi for the West German market.

Original Nudossi was made in plastic cups, because they are lighter and less energy intensive in the making. They are also much more robust.

But the market in the West has different demands, so there is a variant of Nudossi in a Glas, which feels more weighty due to the material. It also prominently highlights the fact that it’s made without Palm Oil, another concession to marketing to West Germans.

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  1. CHP

    Yuck! Both are not chocolate creams while below 30% cocoa.

  2. Michael

    I used to think this way too (regarding Nudossi) but in the meantime its Samba FTW.

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