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Fertig gelesen: All Systems Red

»I COULD HAVE BECOME a mass murderer after I hacked my governor module, but then I realized I could access the combined feed of entertainment channels carried on the company satellites.« This is how »All Systems Red« begins.

The protagonist in this book is a robot mercenary android, or Murderbot, as it refers to itself. In a universe of corporations and contracts, Expeditions and Exploration teams are taking these company supplied machines with the for their own safety, and for compliance reasons.

Our Murderbot is on a maintenance contract that has been given to the lowest bidder, and hence some critical limiters of its internal AI are not maintained properly. It became way more sentient and independent than its owners would like. Also, it is misanthropic, and really disinterested into the work and life of the meat around it.

That changes as the Murderbot suddenly has real work to do, as a neighbouring expedition has gone dark, sabotage happens, and a conspiracy is to be uncovered. Suddenly it has to care for its humans – and it has to come to terms with its relationship to humanity and individual humans.

A short, only 150ish pages, starting as a fun read on sentence 1 and answering Elon Musk’s deepest fear – what will unconstrained AI do, once mankind unleashes it on itself? Will the robots turn on us, or will they rather want to watch Netflix?

All Systems Red
Martha Wells
EUR 1.99 (Kindle)

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  1. Ja, und ich will dringend mehr lesen!!111 :-D

  2. Joesh

    Looking at all those “Fertig gelesen” posts and skimming the page counts for those books: How do you manage to read so many books in so short a time?

    (And then there is still enough time for several blog posts a day…)

    • kris kris

      I read books on a Kindle reader and Kindle on the phone, often times during the commute to and from work. Read books I file in a Review collection. Around two or three times I empty the review collection to the Review section of the blog.

      So what you are currently reading is the result of the last few months of commute.

  3. Ralf

    If they watch Netflix: are they going to pay for it? Shareholders want to know.

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