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Horizontal Space

We mentioned McMansion Hell previously as a Tumblr of the Day. In Looking Around: Horizontal Space, Kate Wagner speaks about the Horizontal City and Flattened America:

If there is one truth about the second half of the 20th Century it is that, by all accounts, we started moving out rather than up; horizontal rather than vertical. Not only through the process of suburbanization, the building of massive highways, and the rapid capital flight from cities, but also in how we designed everything from our homes to our workplaces.

In doing that, Kate also speaks about the Federal Housing Act of 1934, which we met previously in Peter Moskowitz’ “How to Kill a City, Gentrification, Inequality and the Fight for the Neighborhood“. Like Peter, Kate highlights how these policies of razing neighbourhoods for highways and the practice of Redlining have been an integral tool for implementing structural racism in the US.

Unwalkable cities didn’t happen by accident, they have been deliberately constructed.

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