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Archon Classic

Archon Classic

So I learned there is a version of Archon Classic available. I have been playing this 25 years ago on the Commodore 64, and it’s available for Steam. A short purchase and test play later: this actually works. Slightly more modernised graphics, if you care (or true old style pixels, if you do not like that), and the dynamics of the gameplay have been preserved. New play modes have been added.

Very worthwhile, even if you do not know the original.

In Archon, you play an epic battle between light and dark.

On the strategy board you move pieces like in chess, only that some fields are permanently light and dark, and others are changing affiliation with the phases of the moon. Light pieces are stronger on light fields, dark pieces on dark fields.

If you strike a piece, the game switches to an arcade battle arena, in which the pieces fight each other in melee or ranged combat. Each side has unique pieces with unique, but balanced abilities.

Additional complications are two spellcasters (one per side), no-magic zones and power points, which can heal pieces, but are also a second venue for winning. The gameplay is a nice combination of board game strategics and classic 80ies arcade battle.

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