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  1. AndreasLobinger

    I don’t get you point, which part?

  2. kris kris

    The one that is misplainted by the FTD in blue, but is painted correctly brown by the taz. The one where Amazon desperately tries to hire internationally for their Xen kernel development, the one where GlobalFoundry and IBM are deperately trying to hire for internationally for their chip development.

    • Anja

      Thanks. Very enlightening. But now I am also horrified by the morally and ethically questionable content of some posts. I mean, really, comparing one’s discomfort when having to navigate around potholes (lack of money for infrastructure) to the situation of refugee who get help here (no lack of money for refugees), thinking like that always leaves me mystified and so so angry. We live in one of the richest parts of the world, it is our damned duty to give back!

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