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Jumping Airgaps…

So this paper operates on the premise that there is a high security installation. Because of that it has an isolated network, and also physical protection, in the form of common cameras with the ubiquitous IR lighting.

Turns out, so the developers of “aIR-Jumper“, you can code data into flashes of IR camera lights, and you can read input using the security cameras. So after the initial infection (which would have to take an different route) you can talk to your implant using the security features of the isolated network.

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  1. Bernd Wachter

    Not really surprising. Several DSLR manufacturers have been using light to transmit the TTL information between an external flash and the camera for a very long time now. I looked into it (and was pretty impressed) when I was surprised that a firmware update for my DSLR added support for off camera flashes about a decade ago, knowing that the camera itself did not contain any wireless communication hardware.

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