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The Future of EV…

Chat so:

Ansonsten bin ich dauerhibbelig, weil ich am liebsten noch heute den Wagen verschrotten würde, aber es gibt halt immer noch nicht das E-Auto, das ihn ersetzen kann. Immer nur Weirdmobiles und Prototypen für 2020+.

Also, I am permanently excited, because I’dl like to get rid of the current car ASAP, but the EV that can replace it is not available, yet. Only Weirdmobiles and prototypes for 2020.

That person is not alone:

EU motor industry caution go slow from ICE to #electric cars
But if you’re not in the future, you’re extinct

That model sees the EV transition completed by 2026, with violent change between 2020 and 2025. There is a lot to do right now to prepare – build infra fast, convert model palette, and many more things.

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  1. Uwe Raabe

    Looking at the chart it dawns to me that the responsible car builder managers are probably as color blind (red/green) as myself. I had a hard time to discover that the chart actually has bars made from two colors.

  2. towo

    Ich plane damit, dieses Jahr den letzten nicht-selbstfahrenden, dinosaurierverbrennenden Dienstwagen geordert zu haben.

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