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The Pro-Diesel propaganda engine is revving up

Diesel, pessimized.

German news are full of articles that are Pro-Diesel, Pro-ICE. Be it outright morale-boosters and literal reassurances (Article in German), or weird articles in which the author is purposefully stupid to have a bad experience to report (Article in German).

Of course nobody in their right mind believes that. The world, the entire world, is slowly converging on the idea that our next version of four wheeled individual transport is electrically powered, and that your current ICE car probably has not much resale value. How little? Could be zero, soon.

There is also a lot of concern trolling as a second line of defense, in which electric cars are painted as worse for the environment. Much of that is based on a single, flawed swedish study.

Another approach to paint electric cars black is “Your electricity is mostly coal, so no progress, only complications.” That is bullshit, too – even now. If you care, check here.

Already, solar is surpassing nuclear in capacity, and it’s accelerating. That is mostly because Wind and Solar both are now not only competitive in pricing, they are outright cheaper – and falling. Even the US will meet their Paris agreement goals, against Trumps will and despite him pulling out of the climate agreement.

Some people see the rapid growth of Solar as a problem, because they see Solar as an intermittent power source – but that is going away soon, too, because the falling prices are giving headroom for Solar and Battery as a solution.

Meanwhile, a lot of people are waking up to the energy cost of petrol refinement (Article in German and another one in English and another one in English), and oil companies are worried and adjusting their consumption and revenue models.

So what does the future of energy and transportation look like?

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