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Tumblr of the Day: McMansion Hell

About one year ago, Tumblr of the Day was McMansion Hell.

That’s an awesome architecture blog with examples, well, quite striking examples, run by Kate Wagner.

Kate Wagner

Some of the images used by her came from a US real estate web site called Zillow, which promptly threatened to sue her over the use of the images. Being a student, this was a financially untenable situation for her, but with legal help from the EFF, it was quickly established that her use of the images was indeed legal:

“McMansion Hell has become part of the national dialogue about contemporary design,” wrote her attorney, Daniel K. Nazer, who argued that Zillow sought to “interfere with protected speech.” Nazer went on to dismantle Zillow’s claims, including the fact that it doesn’t even own the relevant copyrights, and as such cannot assert the right to limit their use.

Wagner did, however, voluntarily agree to not use Zillow content in future posts.

A few hours later, Zillow officially dropped its dispute and went back online. It will continue to feature both humorous pokes at pretentious homes and informative essays about architectural concepts, urban planning and environmentalism.

Kate Wagner has a Patreon, and you can send money to the EFF here.

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