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How many chargers are necessary to convert the Netherlands to electric cars?

Here is the question:

How much infrastructure do we need when ALL 8 million vehicles (and buses and trucks!) in the Netherlands go electric?

The answer will surprise you: we could get to 100% electric transportation in the Netherlands, just by converting the 4000 existing gast stations to fast charging stations which have an average of 14 fast chargers.

The article then plays with numbers a bit: Kilometers driven, electricity used, number of chargepoints, charging rates.

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  1. Andreas K

    Only problem: 50% utilization is not realistic over the day.

    Experience shows that nobody wants to get up during night to “fill up their car”, that’s the reason why many gas stations close for the night. (E.g. here in Vienna around where I live, after midnight till say 6 in the morning only the 1 station on the Autobahn access point is open.) Many stations close at 22 hours.

    Further experience shows, that during the regular office hours (9-17) business is light. Reasonable, self employed people and working people (that work with a car) can fill up, but no employee will tell his boss that he to run out to fill up his car.

    So for a typical station as it is now, you have a natural maximum utilization grade of 6-9=3h + 17-24= 7h in sum 10h of 100% and 8h at 50%, leaving only 14/24 a 58% utilization. (Another question here is how wants to drive for a 30 minute charge up at 22:30?)

    Now with such a level fo time resources available, the 50% utilization assumed comes to near full utilization, with probably the need for an online appointment for a charging time slot.

  2. Markus

    I don’t know about the gas stations in .nl, but in germany there are a lot of small stations where you couldn’t fit in 14 cars (+ the ones in the queue).

    If the battery charging has an efficiency of 90% there will be quite some heat: 14*350KW*10% = 490KW heat (maximum).

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