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So Merkel was right?

Angela Merkel, November 2014:

“Wer wird einen fahrerlosen Autoverkehr organisieren, wenn er nicht weiß, ob ihm mitten zwischen Frankfurt und Mannheim irgendwann das Datennetz zusammenbricht, weil gerade Millionen von E-Mails Vorrang haben und die Sicherheit der Datenübermittlung nicht gewährleistet ist?”

Which is roughly »Who will organize autonomous traffic, if they can’t be sure that the net won’t crash between Frankfurt and Mannheim because millions of mails have precedence and traffic isn’t guaranteed to make it?« That’s nonsense, of course – an autonomous car is controlled by the onboard computer and not remotely, and especially not remotely in real time.

But, Tesla. So with Autopilot 2.0 in June this year, they gathered owner permission to collect video data from the onboard cameras, and will occasionally upload clips. Observed traffic is in the Gigabytes, now and then. And of course, it’s not real time remote control, but batched, non-time critical upload of learning data for Tesla’s Machine Learning training engine.

No need to panic over net neutrality, this is the lowest bulk traffic class and the opposite direction.

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  1. Ralf Ertzinger

    Because, as we all know, upstream bandwidth has always been a priority of providers

  2. AndreasLobinger

    “No need to panic over net neutrality” – agree, Tesla will buy the volume. Or in 5G terms. a slice.

    btw: Shouldn’t it be easier to upload at home to WiFi oder WiFi in known places. What about upload infrastructure at charging?

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