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The Amsterdam Bridge Dilemma explained

An article in Citylab explains The Amsterdam Bridge Dilemma. Bascially, Amsterdam needs the area north of the IJ to grow, but for that to be attractive, it needs to be reachable by bike. So a tunnel is not going to cut it, a bridge is necessary.

But tall ships are crossing all interesting locations right now, so either the bridge has to be very high – not attractive to bikers or it has to open, in which case it will be open 50% of the time in high season.

Solutions are possible, but they will restructure the city and tourism in the city. In itself also not a bad thing, but complicated.

Published inAls Deutscher in den Niederlanden


  1. kris kris

    Possible solution from Trondheim:

  2. AndreasLobinger

    Mabye i’m missing some information, but the linked article mentions a height of 11m which i cannot consider very high. Also the mentioned Mt. Vertoux has a resonable slope of 4…8% but over 20km to climb 1600m.

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