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Tesla Model 3 Roundup

Business Insider drove a Model 3 and it was good.

The large version has a range of 500km, does 0-100 in 5.1s (faster than any non-RS Audis) and top speed is 210 km/h. Preorders have surpassed 500k.

Another review from Motor Trend is also enthusiastic.

Meanwhile, many newspapers are asking the obvious question:

Also, NOx Whataboutism. “What about Trucks? And Buses?”

Yes, what about them Trucks?
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    • kris kris

      Yep, that’s wonderful. See also this article just around the corner.

  1. Christian Vogel

    Recently I had read an article claiming that the energy and resources needed to produce only the battery for a typical car was enormous, amounting to several years of fuel/energy consumption of a conventional car.!5418741/

    Probably the only way to get this under control would be widespread and efficient recycling of damaged/used up car batteries. Or the possibility to use less energy-dense (less range per charge for the car) but at the same time much less energy intensive (during manufacture) batteries, when the max range is not needed. Or simply allow very tiny batteries which get charged up much more often, when practical.

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