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Meanwhile, in Germany…

Yesterday was the big Tesla Delivery Event, in which the first 30 cars have been handed over to their new owners, and in which the final technical specs have been revealed. Electrek has the full scoop, of course.

Yesterday was also the date, on which Bavarian Ministerpräsident Horst Seehofer percolated the idea to give tax breaks on the purchase of Euro 6 Diesel cars. Yes, he was serious.

The ever expanding Dieselgate, the beginnings of an Antitrust case to demonstrate collusion of German car makers in this, and this guy seriously suggests tax breaks to promote the very reason for all of this.

So, if you are not from Germany, here is a fun fact about German politics:

A Bavarian cannot become Chancellor.

It’s a rule we have. It’s not a law or anything formal, it’s just a rule that everybody growing up in Germany learns over the first 20 years or so in their life, mostly osmotically.

And here you can see perfectly, even as a foreigner, why we have this rule. It does make a lot of sense.

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  1. Michael

    Ich dachte auch schon ich wäre aus Versehen wieder mal zum Postillon verrutscht.

  2. Rudolf Polzer

    Weil das ja klar ist, weil auf dem Hauptbahnhof viele Linien aus Bayern, aus den bayerischen Städten zusammenlaufen.

  3. More Trump than Trump.

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