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Fertig gelesen: How to Kill a City, Gentrification, Inequality and the Fight for the Neighborhood

In How to Kill a City Peter Moskowitz goes through for US example cities to show the general process of Gentriciation and the individual differences.

We get to know the development stories of New Orleans, Detroit, San Francisco and New York, in order to better understand the mechanism and root causes of Gentrification, which is not about Hipsters and Latte at all, but about rent seeking, backroom dealing to change the law, and – specifically in the US – also about the history and perpetuation of racism.

Moskowitz, living in and loving New York, is deeply partisan, as he has been witnessing the slow destruction and transformation of the neighborhood of his youth, but he has his facts straight and reasons solidly.

If you want to understand what “Gentrification” means and how it is sown before it starts and grows to eat a Neighborhood, this book is a good starting place.

How to Kill a City“, Peter Moskowitz, EUR 10.99

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  1. AndreasLobinger

    It’s not only about cities btw. I’m from am almost-rural part of bavaria and we experience somehow a spillover of the money that cannot be spend by the investors in Munich.

    • Deltatango

      @Andreas: I’m afraid that applies to almost all of upper Bavaria now :(

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