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IRC so: Flash Disks with Shugart connector

O> A machine with 56 SSD in 2U? I am interested.
M> What kind of connection? I2C?
L> UMDA-33?
O> What, no Shugart?

Well, challenge accepted. Here is a SSD with a Shugart Floppy interface. The company also offers Flash Tapes.

Shugart SSD
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  1. Patrick Schaaf

    They also offer SCSI drive options for PDP-11 and VAX. – but apparently not with solid state (CF card) storage support. There’s a market opportunity for you!

    (I find it fascinating in general that they offer these diverse ultra legacy emulation storage things with CF flash drives, which are somewhat legacy in my eyes, too…)

  2. Awesome page with non-dismissable “Do you want help?” half page ad on mobile.

  3. Christian Vogel

    There’s a lot of vintage music gear (Keyboards, Synthesizers, Samplers, that kind of stuff) storing settings and sounds on floppies. It’s brilliant if you put such a sdcard floppy emulator in one of them!

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