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Moving from 1Password to Enpass

In order to move customers from a “purchase a license” to a subscription model, AgileBits is experimenting with dropping support for local vaults, requiring cloud storage of passwords.

There is a lot of blowback in Blogs and the 1Password support forums. Also, the security professionals on Twitter frown on this, quite a bit (Thread).

Discussion on Facebook pointed to Enpass, and that is actually looking like a pretty good 1Password clone.

Enpass on Mac, Main Screen

Enpass Password Generator

Browser Plugins for all Major Browsers and Mobile Phone Applications are available.

Download for Mac, Migration of Data from 1Password to Enpass

One of the things missing is an independent security audit of the Enpass source. Enpass is free, but closed source. An independent security audit is planned for the upcoming 6.x release.

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    • kris kris

      The various variants of Keepass are all UX trash fires.

  1. Markus

    Using Enpass for a long time on iOs (can be used with fingerprint security) and Windows, synced over my self-hosted SSL-driven NextCloud-DAV. Very happy with it. I am not using the browser plugins though. It often is easier to open the desired URL from within Enpass.

  2. Walter

    I understand your reason to move to Enpass.

    But I really like the team version of 1Password. User, groups, permissions for different team members. For an admin in a company a very nice feature.

    • Yes, I like the way 1password works quite a lot, too. But especially for Teams or corporations it is by policy completely impossible to build a dependency on somebody else’s storage for login information.

      The 1password move is even more stupid in an enterprise context

      • Rainer

        For enterprise there’s also something like
        At home, I’m also using enpass for quite a while, also in addition with nextcloud. Works fine so far.

  3. Did the import really work for you? I tried and it didn’t recognized half of my stuff from 1password. Using 1password version 4,x btw

    • kris kris

      Yes, the import worked without a hitch (using 1pas files as a transport)

  4. Niclas

    To be fair, Enpass has currently some little flaws, which they’re (hopefully) address in the next major release (e.g. fixed & low PBKDF iterations).
    Also they did some usage statistics without permissions before – now there’s at least a setting to disable it.

    • Niclas

      And not to forget: Their export functionality is quiet new and pretty crappy. Still waiting for a decent way to get a sane export of my data.

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