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Campaign Time and Summer in Germany

Merkel’s CDU has a programme, and it contains the impossible promise of “full employment”. CDU’s Peter Tauber comments “full employment is better than social justice”.

Of course nobody promised full employment at proper salary, so one commenter asked “So that’s now 3 Minijobs for me?”


Tauber pulls a Marie-Antoinette: “Had you learned something proper, you would not need three Minijobs.”

Twitter understood, and escalated quickly.

The actual Marie-Antoinette Quote in German

Says Ruthe:

“I am the father, the son and the holy spirit.” “Had you learned something proper, you would not need three Minijobs.”

and Perscheid:

“At the Tauber family home.” Bubble: “Had you been learning something proper, you wouldn’t have to go on the game.”

Froben Homburger, Nachrichtenchef of the DPA, commented prophetically:

That’s the good thing about Twitter and Facebook: If politicians are tipsy or simply alone with themselves and their simple minds, the will openly show the core beliefs of their selves, which their spin doctors and press desks once carefully covered over.

True words.

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    • kris kris


    • Jakob

      Bei dem was der gerade so retweetet wird mir aber auch etwas übel…

    • kris kris

      That’s not really relevant in this context, tho.

      • AndreasLobinger

        “Merkel’s CDU has a programme” is even less relevant in this context, but still quite revealing..

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