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Steam Summer Sale

This magical time in summer, when you simply sit, watching the accumulated Gigabytes idly float by and think of the poor people of #neuland.

13 GB done, fifty more to go. And Steam is overloaded, not giving out much more than 200 MBit/s.

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  1. Martin

    Steam does a P2P-Download. So usually it gets faster the more people are downloading…

  2. Mike

    Welche Spiele hast Du gekauft? Bei mir waren es
    Hollow Knight
    Dead Cells
    Super Arcade Football
    Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX)
    Ich denke, da kommen noch einige :-)

  3. H

    I haven’t seen P2P downloads with Steam. When I install the identical game on two computers in the same network, the second one won’t get assets from the first one, but will clog the internet connection again.

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