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Peaker plant combining Gas and Battery

Ars Technica has an older article from April, which I came across only now on combining battery storage and gas turbines in innovative ways with rather spectacular results.

Peaker plants are power generator facilities used for network stabilization when demand, well, peaks or intermittent renewable power sources can’t help. They waste a lot of fuel and energy during warmup and network synchronisation.

[…] The GE hybrid peaker plant produces energy from burning natural gas and uses the battery system to complement the gas turbine. That’s possible through a new control system that GE says “seamlessly blends output between the battery and the gas turbine.”

The natural gas plant was also fitted with new emissions controls so that, when combined with the reduced fuel consumption needed while the turbine is in standby mode, greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution are reduced by 60 percent. The amount of water needed to operate the plant is also reduced by 45 percent, which reflects 2 million gallons of water annually.

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