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A day with planes

Where I live, at the bottom of a dried up lake, 10 feet below sea level, it looks like this.


I am getting there by bike, it’s less than five minutes. And because there is friet and ice cream available in the parking lot, the Schnuppel wanted to go there. Ice cream and large airplanes, in this order.


So more like this:

Polderbaan, non-idle

If you are doing things right, you can sit in the grass and listen to the incoming planes. Of course, in Halfweg the sound would be even better.

LH coming in.

And then idly watch the planes taxi the remaining 20 minutes to the gate. Polderbaan is pretty far out. On departure, the default joke is »Ok, the rest of the way we’re going to fly« and indeen AMS-FRA via Polderbaan has almost as much taxi time as it has flight time.

Still 20 minutes to the gate.

Today the wind was making things mildly interesting, because it was going at a steady 4-5bft and not very well aligned with Polderbaan. No spectacular crabs, but still…


Also a good time to let the Schnuppel have the DSLR. He’s seven now, and can handle the thing even with the large lens on. Nice shot, little one.

Kamerachild J
Kamerachild J
»Look, Papa. They are still playing that Portal Game around here. Like when I was Little.«

And then, it was time to cycle home.

»Bye, bye, airplanes. We will be back. Papa, let’s build more airports in Transport Fever! Can we?«
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  1. Alex

    Wind Nord Ost Startbahn 01 .. :-)

    ETNS, Sonnenaufgang, Arbeitsanfang. Vor dem Taxiway anhalten, weil noch jemand vorbei möchte. Kerosin. Wind. Farben.

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