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Google Chrome integrates Adblocker

The Ad and Adblock situations both are now so bad that even Google considers integrating an Adblocker by default into the Chrome browser.

This is a twofold action. It’s purpose is of course to filter out ads, the worst of the worst in annoyance and the obvious malvertising. It’s purpose is also to take back control on adblocking, because it will let through acceptable ads according to the Coalition for Better Ads standards.

CfBA condemns Popups, Sound, Prestitials and Large Stickies on the Desktop, and more on mobile.

It will be interesting to see if it changes anything. People are truly beyond caring.

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  1. Maik

    Interesting detail: According to the announcement (mentioned in the one you linked, but more explicit in, the implementation will not be “block unacceptable ads”, but “if a page has at least one unacceptable ad, block all ads on the page”. My guess is this is about incentives – if you block only unacceptable ads, it would be rational for publishers to include a bunch of acceptable ads, and then a couple of unacceptable bonus ads that will only be shown to people on crappy browsers, which is not aligned with the goal of getting rid of bad ads everywhere.

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