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Kyle reviews Prey

Kyle Kingsburg is usually known for his work in distributed systems verification.

But he is also a Gamer, and he reviews Prey (The review is 100% Spoiler, if you care about these things) and in particular the story, the storytelling mechanisms used and their relationship and adequateness for the themes the game touches.

I know nothing about Prey, and am also only mildly interested. But the style of discussion and the view on story and storytelling was reminiscent of literature or theater criticism and review, the kind you get when you listen to Deutschlandradio or NDR Kultur over breakfast.

In a way, #neuland again, because this is precisely not how “high culture” in Germany deals with modern media – but it should.

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  1. Ralf Ertzinger

    I really enjoyed the first Prey (which, I understand, is only loosely connected to this one), but it’s on my list of things to buy when the next steam sale rolls around.

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