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Xing, srsly?

If you contacted me on Xing, and wondered why I did not react: It’s mosty because I have stopped caring about the platform. At all.

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  1. Martin

    Pay2Win ;-)

    • Jürgen Schilke

      genauer: Pay2Pay ;)

  2. Andre

    Even without Kris’ talent for selfmarketing, I cancelled my subscription a while ago..
    And now that’s I’m not a paying customer anymore, they seem EVEN MORE desperate to shove their services into my face… With a small mail filter, things are getting better and it’s good riddance as far as I’m concerned..

    There is no real additional value for paying customers except artificial restrictions like this and they keep inventing new ones..

    On the other hand.. I’ve had more luck looking for jobs directly at booking and being called by facebook several times than with the shotgun approach of HR people on facebook… And I found my current job, I found with a job agency I’ve had good experience with for a couple of jobs now.

    For keeping in touch with people, I mostly use what everybody uses.. G+, Facebook or whatever works best.. People I associate with professionally, I also keep in touch with privately and vice versa :D

  3. Niels

    As free user you are also not entitled anymore to write a describing message, when you add somebody!

  4. This is what desperation looks like.

  5. Gert Doering

    and still no IPv6

  6. Last time I checked (paying customer), I STILL wasn’t able to add my IMDb page. That’s priorities, guys.

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