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Thomas Krenn water cooled blades

Over at Google plus, Jan Walzer made a photo of a few Thomas Krenn blades. The blades are water cooled, hot-swappable, and the waste heat is not actually wasted, but being used for heating (prototype for a DLR supercomputing project).

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  1. Ralf Ertzinger

    Also, bespoke wooden cases.

  2. Quorki

    The wooden cases look stunning…

    As a simple end user I must admit I have no idea, how much heat is generated in big server clusters. Would this amount to a substantial part of the building heating?

    • kris kris

      You can make a typical machine with two E5-26xx CPUs consume about 400W. Cloudline CL3100 with 2x E5-2640 and 12 disks consume about 320W under a typical workload where I live. There are up to 40 servers in a rack, so about 12kW to 14kW per rack. A blade chassis with 16 2x E5-2690 blades in there (56 threads per blade) can consume up to 6400W when I am benchmarking it. The power allocation of the system itself promises even up to 8000W. The chassis is 10U, so if you go all in on a rack, you are going up to 32kW in a single rack (for a very short time).

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