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Cycling in Berlin

Cycling outside of the Netherlands is… sometimes complicated. @Polizeibeobachter is showing a case from Berlin.

This is a DriveNow parked completely blocking a cyclepath at Saatwinkler Damm, Berlin. Police have been called, but cop on the ground refused to have the car towed (“I see no reason to have this towed”). It took two hours to get the police district supervisor to come out, check this out – and have it towed.

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  1. In automobile Germany, cyclists are actually disturbants. Riding a bike means that you are either a wannabe sportsmen, a poor dog who can’t afford a car or a Gutmensch.

  2. AndreasLobinger

    I see a storyline here: we need high-resolution GPS tracking of cars, so parking in the wrong place can be identified automatically.

  3. Daniel Maliga

    If cyclists went where they as vehicles are supposed to – namely on the road – this would not be an issue.
    The problem is not the car parking on the cycle path, it is the cycle path itself. Using it is a self-inflicted risk and inconvenience.

  4. fff

    Car and bicycle need grade separation, that should solve it.

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