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Ep 25: Fragestunde

While this is supposed to be a blog in english language, I can’t help myself and point towards That’s a german language podcast by people driving electric automobiles, for people that don’t, yet. It can be found on iTunes, too.

Of all the Episodes there, you want to start with Ep 25: Fragestunde. Here, Malik, a guy who does not yet drive an electric car, lives in a rented appartment in a multistoried house in Aachen, a city with a very high density, has a lot of questions. Malik drives an Audi A2, has to transport musical equipment and sometimes has to go from Aachen to Hamburg. He does not earn enough to buy a Model S.

What will his reality be like, today, and maybe in one or two years, if he decided to make the jump? How does he charge, what cables or convertes does he need? How expensive will everything be? How long does charging take?

Maliks’ questions are being answered by the drivers in attendance.

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