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Deutsche See is buying Streetscooter, denounces Volkswagen

Automobilwoche (Article in German) reports that the German fish company Deutsche See is going to buy 80 streetscooters from Deutsche Post. That will make them the first customer of the electric delivery cars produced by Deutsche Post.

Deutsche Post originally had urban electric delivery cars built by a startup in Aachen, later bought that startup, so they are now making these cars for themselves. Recently Deutsche Post announced to also sell the cars to third parties and expand the model palette upwards and downwards to electrically powered delivery bicycles. They are going to make up to 20.000 vehicles this year.

Deutsche See is being quoted: “Volkswagen couldn’t and wouldn’t deliver an electrical utility vehicle solution within a ten years timeframe.” They also have an 11.9 million Euro lawsuit against Volkswagen going, because they feel being defrauded by Dieselgate after purchasing Diesel vehicles with Blue Motion technology.

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  1. M G Berberich

    “Volkswagen couldn’t and wouldn’t deliver an electrical utility vehicle solution within a ten years timeframe.”

    That’s a nice summary of the state of the german automobile Industry…

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