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The bike as a feeder system to the train system

A talk by Marco te Brömmelstroet and others about how neither the Bike nor the train themselves are a viable transport alternative, but how they together are much more than the sum of their parts:

Nine Arguments for seeing bicycle-train as one mobility system

Biking increases the catchment area of train stations, allowing an increase of the distance between stops for stop-trains, and consequently also for all higher-order trains. This speeds up the train system, making it a lot more attractive and a lot more viable.

Both bike-use and train-use increase, making the high-density urban environment more liveable and attractive as well.

Helstraat, Amsterdam, 1978
The same place, 40 years later (2015, so it’s 37 years really)
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  1. johannes

    Unfortunately elderly and other impaired people can’t use a bike. They depend on a dense public transport system. A public transport system used by only few can’t be dense.
    I’m waiting for the day that a major player with enough capital (Alphabet? Apple?) Rolls out an autonomous transport system for a city, where I simply pick car size for my current need (small for going Ikea, then the big loading area home and then the one with many seats to take the family to a restaurant since the new kitchen isn’t ready, yet) which picks me up a few moments later and delivers me right in front of the target location (which at large scale leads to congestions again, while such a system could resolve that more efficiently and might be risky about monopolizing transport in the private sector)

  2. Nicolai

    Trains that you cannot take a bike onto are much less useful – and a train you cannot take a bike onto at rush hour is a train you cannot take a bike onto. This is almost all trains.

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