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Qi in Apple, Otterbox makes wireless batteries, and David Foster left Google

So Google fucked the Nexus line, and did the lackluster and overpriced Pixel excursion. The guy who strategically fucked this up, David Foster, apparently goes back to Amazon.

Meanwhile it is an open secret that the iPhone 8 will have the Qi charging that the current Nexus and Pixels don’t have any more. Also, Otterbox and friends are already making contactless battery extensions. It’s not pretty and it’s not efficient, but after the “no ports for nobody” disaster of the current generation of Macbook Pros it’s at least consistent.

This leaves us with the question: Will Google make attractive phones again after Foster is gone now?

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  1. Maik

    Even assuming Mr. Foster was the problem and it’s now fixed, it’s worth noting that the internal lead time for a phone generation is 1-2 years, so there may already be a runaway train situation with the 2017 Nexus/Pixel refresh, and the line won’t recover until the 2018 refresh.

    Compare the Motorola acquisition back when. About two release cycles of Moto phones after the acquisition closed were still trash.

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