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Handling Mail, correctly.

Somebody sent me a mail with
Content-Type: multipart-mixed;
Thank you for that. This is precisely my kind of humor.
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  1. Rudolf Polzer

    This string seldomly appears inside legitimate content and thus makes a very good choice of boundary according to RFC 2406.

    Not sure about the Robustness Principle though, but that one’s disputed anyway.

    Also this shouldn’t cause any trouble as I read somewhere that the test string shall only be matched at the start of a file (and that only line ending characters may follow it at the end).

  2. Alphager

    That is perfect. Can you post the client headers? I would love to know which client allows you to set the boundary manually.

    • kris kris

      From what I know about the sender, the client was most likely netcat.

  3. How did you even notice that? Did the spam filter bark or do you have a mail client that per default shows you those headers?

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