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Bose Connect App creates illegal listening profiles

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Bose, by Kyle Zak, on the grounds of the Bose Connect App for their wireless headphones creating illegal listening profiles, and sharing data with data miners.

1. Defendant Bose manufactures and sells high-end wireless headphones and speakers. To fully operate its wireless products, customers must download Defendant’s “Bose Connect” mobile application from the Apple App or Google Play stores and install it on their smartphones. With Bose Connect, customers can “pair” their smartphones with their Bose wireless products, which allows them to access and control their settings and features.

2. Unbeknownst to its customers, however, Defendant designed Bose Connect to (i) collect and record the titles of the music and audio files its customers choose to play through their Bose wireless products and (ii) transmit such data along with other personal identifiers to third-parties—including a data miner—without its customers’ knowledge or consent.

Affected are all users of the Bose Connect App, that is minimum users of the QuietComfort 35, SoundSport Wireless, Sound Sport Pulse Wireless, QuietControl 30, SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II, and SoundLink Color II (“Bose Wireless Products”), but possibly more.

Fun Fact: The German adjective meaning “evil” is “böse”.

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  1. Erich

    …and I had hoped that I finally found headphones that I really like. That lawsuit should evolve into a class action and we all should sue the sh*t out of that company.

  2. Dirk

    Since all the news articles only seem to quote from the lawsuit, here’s someone who actually looked at the data and when it’s being sent (check out the comments, too):

    (uninstalled Bose Connect app anyway)

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