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Meaningless Content

This blog has been officially classified as “Meaningless content”

This screenshot has been made my somebody else, and been shared with me. My employer does not use such content filters, and that is a good thing™.

Still, since 2014 I have been completely separating private and work hardware. There is no work stuff on my private phone any more, and it is not using the corporate Wifi.

I have no private stuff on my work computer any more, and no work stuff on my private computer. The blog is handled from the private machine, as is all private web browsing.

I have a VNC session in a ssh tunnel to my home computer from work, for private stuff that happens during work time.

Keeping things separated, hard, helps a lot to keep things clear.

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  1. Rudolf Polzer

    Dann sollten sie aber die Fehlerseite auch blocken :)

  2. Olli

    I guess the guy with the content filter at work will probably be fired for using a “VNC session in a ssh tunnel”. If that’s technically possible at all…

    How is using tunneling software not “private stuff on your work computer”? I see the point in having the data separated on their origin hardware but employers like this are also concerned about the usage. It’s all about control (or trust).


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