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US travel ban total desaster, sad

The Washington Post reports on the amount of damage the travel bans in the US are doing to travel as a whole, not just the six/seven countries primarily targeted:

The result was a wave of withdrawals. “Getting those cancellations all at once, that was startling,” said Russ Hedge, chief executive of HIU, which oversees 52 hostels across the country. “We’ve never seen something like that.”


Fifteen miles from the White House, the Sheraton Tysons Hotel is now offering a free Apple Watch to anybody who books a meeting. “We’re doing everything we can to get through this storm,” said Chris Zindash, the hotel’s director of sales and marketing.


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  1. I think the travel bans just made people take notice. The real issue is the “extreme vetting” and people not wanting to go through these extremely intrusive checks potentially applying to everyone. Not to forget the unrelenting reports of visitors (incl those from countries not hit by the travel ban) being mistreated by border staff and/or sent straight back. Who would want to risk a lot of money if there’s a chance you’re being sent straight back?

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