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Shadowbrokers released NSA exploits, most not 0days any more

The Shadowbrokers released a number of Windows exploits that have been leaked from the NSAs exploit cache.

A lot of blogs and tech opinion pieces appeared, most of them being up in arms about the NSA not only sitting on these exploits, but also not being in communication with microsoft about them since the last 90+ in which these exploits have been known to be compromised.

Turns out, all of these exploits are actually fixed already (or appear not to be working on current platforms in the first place), and though both MS and the NSA do not comment, both parties apparently have been in communication about this.

So the situation is not nearly as dire as those opinion pieces make it look.

So the main question is: have you been patching all your systems up to MS17-010 (March, 14th of 2017), already? And what about your Windows XP habit?

Right. Thought as much.

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