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Tumblr of the Day: Roots of Design

I have just finished reading the Project Zero Blog entries about the Broadcom Wifi SoC used in Cellphones, and how to utilise that SoC to take over the main CPU of a phone.

While this is awesome reading, it reminded me about my interest in taking up a career in landscape gardening.

So here is my Tumblr of the Day recommendation for today: Roots of Design, a podcast about… Landscape Gardening.

It’s awesome, exploit free and about design, so it’s everything that IT isn’t.

It’s also defunct, the last episode is from almost 2 years ago, so it has at least something in common with the patch level of your phone.

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  1. Tilman Baumann

    Landscape gardening or something with wood was always my plan b.
    But will I be too jaded and negative when I finally notice that I need to get out of this IT thing?
    Will I get out before it destroys my character?

  2. AndreasLobinger

    a few anecdotal points:

    * i’m recommending now for some time the use of the garden as debugging tool. I debugged a lot of high-complexity interactions by leaving the computer and work in the garden.
    * carreer in landscape gardening doesn’t exist. You work, you get payed. Maybe in GB.
    * source: my own uncle and my neighbor’s father.
    * i (once) met a horticulture engineer (Gartenbauingenieur) who decided to work in semiconductor testing “fields, rows, columns; it’s all the same stuff”

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