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Deutsche Post makes more StreetScooters

Production Street Scooter in Aachen

Deutsche Post tried to purchase a lot of simple and cheap electric vans for delivery of post and parcels – could not find a suitable offer. So they teamed up with StreetScooter Aachen, later purchased the company.

Their vehicles: electric bikes for loads up to 50kg, and the “Work” parcel delivery car. Both have been an unmitigated success, and StreetScooter was swamped with requests from other companies having similar needs.

End Result: doubled production capacity (20k per year), new factory in NRW, Germany, selling vehicles to third parties due to high demand, and a new Scooter, Work L, with double the load.

The full fleet is expected to cover all urban delivery needs, from e-bikes through e-trikes, to electric vans with 4, 8 and 20 cbm transport capacity. Deutsche Post plans to be completely emissions free in 2050.

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  1. M G Berberich

    This quite clearly shows the state of the german vehicle manufacturers concerning modern technology. The Deutsche Post has asked them to provide a suitable car to buy, but they either requested to ask again in 10 years (when technology is ripe for electric cars) or wanted millions of Euros for research in advance. So they were forced to build it themself.

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