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New York Noise

Nautilus has an article about anechoic chamber in New York at 20 DB, and how New York runs on noise:

Noise is the single greatest quality-of-life complaint New Yorkers have (we lodged 18,000 phone complaints with the Department of Environmental Protection last July alone). We all love to hate the noise. And yet sitting in silence, I do not feel as if I’ve found an escape from pain: I have simply traded it for a new variety. Shockingly, I realize I want to trade back.

At the same time, the New York Times reports on Doug Wheeler’s Desert Silence, a 10 DB anechoic chamber as an art project:

The sound engineers Doug is working with (Raj Patel and Joseph Digerness from the firm Arup) can identify things utterly imperceptible to us. They identified an electronic buzz from a panel on the eighth floor, a floor above us, coming through a concrete slab.


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  1. AndreasLobinger

    just for the record: the isolation of anechoic chambers is a second order effect of the construction. The main target is to reduce as far as possible reflections of the sound source within the room. Of course it’s easier to work on measurements with no background noise.

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