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IKEA without screws

IKEA is experimenting with furniture that has wooden click fittings instead of screws.

»We believe that easy assembly will be important for IKEA and our customers. When we were kids, we built treehouses. Today, kids grow up with a phone in their hands. It doesn’t come as natural to them to assembly furniture with a screwdriver.«

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  1. “Every kid should learn to code in school” versus “they don’t even know how to use a screwdriver to assemble some IKEA furniture”. Maybe this is tackling the problem at the wrong end.
    And this where IKEA stuff is basically the easiest, with near foolproof instructions. (Remembering my small bathroom cabinet from a hardware store, I’ve seen circuit diagrams less complicated…)

    • Rudolf Polzer

      IKEA instructions being foolproof? I must be the bigger fool then. I really hate trying to infer from vague graphical depictions what I actually have to do. A few words would help a lot there.

      Still, it eventually works, so I can’t really complain. Their manuals suck, but once you’ve assembled a few IKEA things, you almost don’t need the manual anymore (other than for identifying which part has which purpose).

      But… screwless furniture? Screw that[1]! My kids love it when I take out the electric screwdriver and let them do some of the screws (or even drill a few holes). I can’t get them to like the manual screwdriver, but hammer and electric screwdriver are their favorite tools.

      [1] Or, actually, not.

  2. Woo

    .. and how are the legs fixed in place? Sure, it’s easy to take apart when moving.. but it’s also easy for your dog to bump into the leg, unlodge it, and send the whole table falling.
    I wouldn’t put this table to public use without adding some screws or glue, which defeats most of the original point.

  3. Furniture without screws (well made furniture which easily outlasts modem furniture with screws) existed for a very long time. I remember learning creating those joints during my schoolboy internship with a local carpenter.
    Seems to me those are the real forgotten skills….

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