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  1. kris kris

    Probably time for a post Google society category

  2. knarf

    Kommt doch wieder in Google Maps, die Migration ist nur etwas “ungünstig” verlaufen. War ja mit Latitude nicht anders. Es ist ihnen einfach wurscht. Warum? Weil sie es können. :-(

  3. Super, they turned it off in the G+ app already, yet there is no Google Maps update available for me and the current version does *not* support this feature. Smooth and seamless transition, not. It actually breaks a few of our use cases and introduces minor inconvenience as we currently can’t check each other’s location.

    Post google society. maybe time to back to APRS (or a private version of it between friends). For android there’s APRSdroid, which works rather well.

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