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Google Latitude is back, and there is no migration method

Google Maps reintroduces their Latitude feature, in which you can share your current position with others in real time (compare with 2009).

According to the video you can share your position for a limited time and thankfully, permanently too. According to all documentation, there are no contact groups, so you have to add individuals one by one instead of integration with Contact Groups or Google plus circles.

And to make everything more painful, there is no migration of Location-sharing enabled Google plus groups (the non-funcitonal Latitude successor) to this feature, because “Fuck you!”.

I have no idea if this is mobile only or will also be visible with a proper UI on their Google Maps web interface.

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  1. I’m still waiting for a proper UI of the new(ish) Lists of saved places in the web interface. So that will probably take some more time…

  2. Since “Find my Friends” on iOS is available, Apple managed to migrate the settings from one App to another without any hassle.

    Google Maps is the best mapping/navigation software on this planet. All services besides the paid ones are provided like ‘take it or leave it’. One has to deal with it.

  3. Andreas

    Too little, too late.

    I _heavily_ used latitude in the past. It was awesome to find your friends at Queensday in Amsterdam when the voice network was unusable.

    It was awesome to see how far out your friends where when you arranged for a pick-up at the airport.

    And then it was gone. And the G+ successor was completely non-functional.

    Family has since then been migrated to the Apple iOS eco-system where shit like this just works and the “Friends” app has been around for far longer.

    Thus my take on the matter is a bit different: It’s not “Because fuck you” from Google.
    Instead it is: “Fuck you Google, I’m outta here.”

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