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Pulse of Europe

Pulse Of Europe

We are convinced that the majority of people believe in the fundamental idea of the European Union. We all must now send out positive energy against current tendencies. The European pulse must be felt everywhere!

We have a big goal: to gather as many people as possible in Europe, who stand for Europe, and are able to support pro- European forces after the elections. Thus we can form a human chain all across Europe connecting Germany, France and the Netherlands.

We are meeting every Sunday in several European cities: Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Köln, Freiburg, etc. Check out the language versions of this website for a full list.

The Amsterdam Group meets every Sunday, 14:00 on the lawn behind the Rijksmuseum.

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  1. Ekki

    Excellent stuff. Get out there, it’s really important and it matters.

    I have been to the Karlsruhe gathering two times now and will try to make it every Sunday, as long as this lasts. Finally a manifestation which formulates it’s goals as something positive – not against something but for/supporting a matter.

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