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Tumblr of the Day: If Hemingway wrote Javascript

Tumblr of the Day is a Github: angus-c/literary.js.

It is also available as a Kindle Book.


function downTheRabbitHole(growThisBig) {
  var theFullDeck = Array(growThisBig);
  var theHatter = Function('return this/4').call(2*2);
  var theDuchess = Boolean("The frumious Bandersnatch!");
  var theVerdict = "the white rabbit".split(/the march hare/).slice(theHatter);
  //into the pool of tears...
  eval(theFullDeck.join("if (!theFullDeck[++theHatter]) {\
      theDuchess = 1;\
      " + theFullDeck.join("theFullDeck[++theDuchess * theHatter]=true;") + "}")
  return theVerdict;
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